Why Your Mind Works Like A Smartphone Camera

What’s the most important thing when you take a picture to post on social media, and what does this have to do with your relationship?

When you take a picture, you point your smartphone camera in the right direction.

You try to frame the picture perfectly.

You try to make sure that nothing you don’t want to see is in the frame.

You are making a conscious effort and decide what to focus on.

Today, let’s talk about how you can do this in your relationship.

How you can focus not only your smartphone camera when you post to social media, but how you can focus your mind on the things you want to see, you want to experience in your relationship, and in your life.

So, why do we put that much effort into the photos that we post on social media?

It’s because we want to control the way other people see ourselves.

We want to influence the impression other people will have when they see the picture.

Impressions like – “Hey, she seems to have a wonderful vacation.”

Or “They’ve got a cute baby.”

Or “Wow, nice car”

That’s why we put effort into posting the perfect photo.

We want to control the image of how other people see us, how they see our life.

We want to control the image of us that they feed into their mind.

Think about it.

When our friends scroll through social media, and they see our post, our photo – their mind will react in a certain way.

And we usually want this reaction to be a positive reaction. When they see our photo, we want them to feel happy, or we want them to laugh, or to feel inspired, or maybe a little bit of jealousy even?

But the thing is – by posting this a picture, we want our friends to feel a certain way about us, we want their minds to react.

So, we have decided, we have selected a photo to present to our friends’ minds, to evoke a certain reaction.

Now, ask yourself this:

Do you usually make an effort to consciously select the pictures you “post” to your mind?

And by “pictures”, I’m not really talking about photographs.

I’m talking about the many ways you fill your mind with different types of messages every day.

The types of social media accounts you follow, on Facebook, on Twitter, on Instagram – what kind of messages, what kind of pictures are you feeding to your mind?

I tell you another example of my own life:

Until recently, my first action directly after waking up in the morning, sometimes still in bed, was to check the news websites on my iPhone.

Think about it – I’m not even fully awake yet, and begin to feed my mind with all the latest news stories.

This became a sort of habit.

At the family breakfast table, I often wasn’t in the best mood; my family recognized this.

And it took me some time to realize what the reason was and to decide that is not the way how I want to start my day

Another example: I was following a group of people on Twitter who had a habit of fighting with each other via Social Media.

And, while those fights could be sometimes entertaining, most of the time reading their Tweets didn’t result in me feeling happier, or better informed, or even entertained. I felt annoyed.

So I made a conscious decision not to feed my mind this information any longer.

Because the reactions of my mind did not really serve me.

It was the same with a lot of email newsletters that I subscribed to.

And with some YouTube channels.

Of course, tapping “Unfollow” or “Unsubscribe” is not really hard.

What is hard is just realizing how many different messages, pictures, videos we feed our minds every day.

What’s hard is recognizing those habits that we slowly adopted. Habits like me checking the news in the morning.

And what’s even harder is determining whether those pictures that you feed your mind influence you in a positive or negative way.

And then deciding to limit or get rid of the ones which do not serve you.

So, right now, take a minute for yourself.

In your mind go through your typical day, and ask yourself:

What are the pictures that I feed my mind every day?

When you are waking up

During breakfast

On your commute to work

In your workplace

At home

In the evening

At night

Are those pictures that I’m feeding my mind serving me, are they inspiring me, are they helping me in my daily life?

Or are they making me feel bad, or insignificant, or angry?

And then, make the conscious decision to get rid of one of those sources of pictures that are not serving you – on social media.

Make the decision now to feed your mind more of those pictures that inspire you, that excite you that help you go through your daily life.

I hope you found this post helpful and inspiring – I really enjoyed writing it for you. If you found what you read helpful, please share it with other people who might find it valuable.

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