What Killer Robots Taught Me About My Relationship

I learned so much from killer robots for my relationship.

Yeah, Killer Robots.

I’m talking about the TV show “Westworld”.

I want to tell you of the disturbing truth that I learned about my relationship when I was watching “Westworld”, and how it affected the life with my wife Anne.

I don’t know if you’re familiar with that show.

It revolves around a very special kind of amusement park.

The whole park is a kind of ride where the guests participate in the daily life and adventures of a western world. It’s like a huge real life roleplaying game.

But, get this:

There are no actors in costumes! All the roles in this amusements park are either played by guests or robots that look and speak and feel and behave like real humans.

It’s totally convincing, as a guest in this world, you can’t really tell the difference between a human and a robot.

And it’s all fun and games, until the robots become self aware.

They realize that they have been programmed.

And then all hell breaks loose.

So, what does that show have to do with my relationship?

Well, the robots are programmed.  

The robots all follow their story path.

What that means is:

If a certain trigger happens in their vicinity,

then they always react in the same, consistent, predictable way.

Now, does this sound familiar to you?

A certain trigger in your vicinity,

(say – your partner says something specific, or does something, or forgets to do something)

and you always react in the same, predictable way…

(maybe by getting angry, starting an argument, or by replying with some specific phrase, or by leaving the room…?)

Can you think of an example in your own relationship? Something that happens consistently – every time you encounter this certain situation in your life, you always react in a specific way.

Sometimes, the trigger that leads to that reaction does not even have to be external, coming from the outside.

It can be internal, like when you just think of something – a certain situation, a certain person – and you’re starting to feel a certain emotion.

Can you think of an example in your own life?

Where a just thought consistently leads to a certain physical reaction, an emotion?

See, over the years, we have conditioned ourselves, we have programmed ourselves, to react to certain triggers with certain behaviors, certain emotions.

We have implicitely programmed our “story path” that we follow

like the robots in “Westworld”

we follow the patterns that we have formed.

By doing the same actions over and over again, we have conditioned ourselves, in the way we think, the way we feel, the way we react to our partner, the way we react to life.

But you know what the really cool thing is?

Like the robots in “Westworld”, you can awaken, you can become aware of your programming, of your conditioning,

Change Your Patterns

Once you are aware that you are following a pattern – you can change it.

You can literally change your emotions, your feelings, you can change the way you react consciously to certain triggers in your life.

Now, there are different techniques and strategies to achieve that.

But the mandatory first step towards change is always:


Becoming aware that there are, in fact, patterns in your life, patterns in your relationship.

And as soon as you become aware that you are just running a pattern right now, that you are following your conditioning

You can interrupt that pattern. You can stop it.

You can make a conscious decision to not follow the next step in this pattern, the next action in your programming, the next step that usually followed the previous step in the past.

You can decide to stop this pattern right now, and you can start looking for alternatives, to replace it with a more constructive pattern.

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