My Secret Snooze Strategy – How I Boost My Relationship Every Morning, Without My Wife Even Knowing About It

If you are someone who jumps out of bed in the morning completely awake and powerful and ready to start the day this is not for you.

But if you are like the rest of us –  the first thing I do when the alarm clock goes off is –

I hit the snooze button.

It used to be a big button on the alarm clock

Now it’s a virtual button on your smartphones screen, or my smart watch vibrates.

And what used to happen is this:

I drifted off

Back to sleep

And then after a few minutes, the alarm went off again.

I this repeated quite a few times, before I finally managed to get up, usually more exhausted than when if I would’ve gotten up without snoozing.

But not anymore!

I got this new strategy of how I use the snooze button to give myself the perfect start into my day, and how to boost my relationship at the same time, without my wife Anne even knowing about it.

So, before I tell you about secret snooze strategy and how you can apply it, let’s talk about meditation first.


Maybe you have heard if the health benefits of practicing meditation daily.

People who meditate on a regular basis have better sleep, they can deal with stress, anxiety and depression in a better way, it even decreases blood pressure.

So why don’t we all meditate daily?

Usually, there are two reasons why people say they can’t follow through with daily meditation.

The first one is (supposedly) not having enough time.

Now, I don’t believe this to be true, because if you don’t have 10 minutes or even 5 minutes for yourself , you don’t have a life.


The second one is not having a place to meditate , a place where you are undisturbed.

So, maybe you can already guess where this is going…?

How The “Secret Snooze Strategy” Works

My secret snooze strategy is actually a strategy to sneak in meditation into my day without any stress or appointment or change to my schedule.

Let’s use the alarm clock in the morning.

And rather than feeling guilty about not getting up and pushing the snooze button instead

when the alarm goes off,

I do push the snooze button,

But I use the snooze period – the time until the next alarm goes off again –

For a quick gratitude exercise as a form of mindfulness meditation.

So, I am still in bed, still laying down,

But I’m not drifting back to sleep again,

Instead, I do this exercise in my mind:

(Don’t worry, it’s very easy, and very easy to remember, even if you are just waking up)

You do the following:

After I hit “Snooze”, you close my eyes again.

You put a smile on your face,

And you think of 3 situations in your relationship

that you can feel incredibly grateful for.

Something little or big

You start thinking about this first situation in your relationship, that happened to you

And now that you are thinking back

You can feel unbelievable gratitude, gratitude to be alive, gratitude to have experienced this wonderful situation.

You breathe deeply

You feel the gratitude in your body

You are smiling

And then you do this 2 more times.

Think about 2 other situations in your life, in your relationship,

Situations that when you think back, fill you up with gratitude, with joy

Flooding yourself with joy.

And you feel

And you breathe

And you smile

Until the alarm goes off the second time.

And then you open your eyes

You turn off the alarm completely

(no more snooze button pressing)

And while keeping that smile on your face, you get up and you start your day.

Try this for a week, do this consistently for 7 consecutive days, and experience the difference it makes.

Try it out, and let me know what effect it had on your relationship, on your life.

I hope you found this post helpful and inspiring – I really enjoyed writing it for you. If you found what you read helpful, please share it with other people who might find it valuable.

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