How To Create A “Passion Playlist”

Do you know Hans Zimmer?

If you don’t know him, I’m sure you have seen some of the movies where he composed the score, the soundtrack.

Blockbuster movies like

The Lion King,
Batman vs Superman,
or Pirates of the Caribbean

And some time ago, Hans Zimmer was on tour, live with a band, a huge orchestra and an enormous choir.

He played the music he wrote for those movies for 10,000 people in the audience.

I was one of them.

And without seeing any clip, any frame from the movies, everybody in the audience felt it.

We saw the pictures in our minds

Pictures of Batman and Superman

Pictures of Roman gladiators fighting for their life

Pictures of pirate ships crashing into each other

Simply by listening to the music, our minds brought us back.

Now, we all are used to music in movies – we know that music creates emotions in us.

Have you ever tried watching a movie with the sound turned off?

It’s boring. It’s not even half the fun, because some very important, integral part of the experience is missing.

The music in movies puts us in a certain state, depending on what the director of the movie wanted us to feel at that very moment. He (or she) can make us feel sad, or excited, or frightened, simply by using different kinds of music.

But – in our own life, we sometimes forget that we are the director.

And similar to the director of a movie, we can use music ourselves, intentionally, consciously, to put ourselves in a certain state.

Maybe you are already using music to put yourself into state in some areas of your life.

For example, when you work out, when you go for a run, or when you drive alone in your car and you sing loud to your favourite song, grinning from ear to ear.

You can control what you feed your mind

And you can influence your emotions with music

So, ask yourself this:

Do you have certain songs that, when you listen to them, you know they will remind you of the passion in your relationship?

Maybe you went to a concert together with your partner. And when you listen to certain songs of that artist, of that band, they remind you of the concert.

When you listen to those songs, you travel back in time, and remember the passion and the love you felt for each other.

So i invite you to create a “passion” playlist in your favorite music streaming service – on Apple Music, Spotify, or even on YouTube, whatever you are using.

Let’s create a playlist of songs that you know will put you and your partner in a caring, loving, passionate state.

And then make a habit to listen to this playlist, together, at least once per week.

You don’t have to make a big deal out of it, just put together a few songs, save them as a playlist, and the next time you have a few minutes together with your partner, put it on “Shuffle”, and hit “Play”.

And see and feel how it will brings you back.

And then invite your partner to come up with suggestions for songs to add to the list, so it grows bigger and bigger.

That way, every time you listen to your passion playlist, there are new memories and feelings to rediscover.

So, let me invite you: Try this out right now!

Take your phone,

start your music app,

Create a new playlist called “Passion”

and add a few songs to it.

Songs that have a special meaning for you and your relationship.

Maybe the song of your first kiss,

or the first time you were intimate together.

The song of your first vacation together.

And then, this evening, get out your headphones, put one into your ear, the other one into your partner ear,

and ask your partner: “Do you remember this song?”

Then you hit “play”, and just see where it takes you.

And let me know how it works for you, okay?

If you want more ideas and help to get the passion back in your relationship, click here to download the free passion back guide.

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