Do You Love Your Password?

How many times every day do you have to enter a password on your computer, or your smartphone?

Today, I’m gonna show you how you can use a secure password to  get in a mindful, loving state in your relationship

Does that sound weird?

Well, I’m gonna tell you how it works.

You may think that passwords are thing of the past.

After all, we can unlock our phones with our fingerprints, or even by having the camera scanning and recognizing our face.

But, if you are like me, if you are working on a computer on a regular basis, chances are that you have to enter a password at least once per day.

To get access to a certain website, or you mail client, or to access any internal company website.

Or maybe even just to unlock your password manager app.

And, I’m sure you have heard many times how to select a secure password.

Tips like using a password that is long enough, that has more than 8 or 10 or even 12 characters.

Not using well known words or names that can be found in a dictionary.

Or mixing uppercase and lowercase characters, and throwing in digits and special characters in between.

Or choosing a phrase or a sentence that’s easy to remember.

And this is what I do, and how you can put yourself into a loving state when do you something mundane like entering a password.

You chose a phrase or a sentence that has a special meaning for you and your relationship.

Maybe it’s the title of the movie you saw together on your first date.

Or a song that was playing when you first kissed.

So, to give you an example.

I was a big George Michael fan. And the duet with Elton John “Don’t let the sun go down on me” has a very special meaning for my wife Anne and myself, it has a special meaning for our relationship.

When I hear that song, it brings back very sweet memories.

So, let’s use that title of the song, and take the first 2 letters of each word as a password:

Do from “Don’t”

le from “let”

th from “the”

and so on.

When you do that, you get a very secure password with 16 characters, no dictionary words.

You can make it even more secure by replacing some letters with digits – like using the digit zero instead of the letter 0.  And adding in a exclamation mark at the beginning or the end:


My point is this:

When I have to enter a password, and I try to remember the 16 letters, it’s probably too difficult, too hard to remember and I’m gonna forget some letters, and make some mistakes.

But, if I remember the song’s title – that’s easy, because it has this special meaning for me, for us. I remember the passion, the emotions, I remember what I link to that song.

And every time I have to enter the password, I remember that song, and it brings me back, just briefly, but it reminds me of my wife, of my relationship, and of the special romantic situation when we were listening to this song together for the very first time.

So, I invite you to just try it out!

Take one online service or website or your password manager where you know you have to enter a password multiple times every week, ideally every day.

And change the password to a new one.

Create this new password from a phrase or a sentence that has a special meaning for you and your relationship, just like I did with this song by George Michael and Elton John.

And then, every time you need to enter this password, enjoy that brief moment of a warm feeling, when you mind connects the dots of what that password refers to, and how it makes you feel.


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